Why Go Night Snorkelling?

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Why Go Night Snorkelling?

When you think of snorkelling, you may think of a lovely sunny day on the ocean during the daytime hours. Although that is the diving time of choice for most snorkellers, the more experienced may be looking for something a little more thrilling. 

Night snorkelling is possible for those who are more adept at snorkelling and want a new adventure. But why would someone want to dive during the night?


Night Snorkelling – Why Do It, What Equipment You Need & How It Differs From ‘Standard’ Diving


Unique Experience 

Many divers have said that night snorkelling is one of those unique experiences that is magical and beautiful in so many ways. The corals become clearer and more colourful because they are not flooded with sunlight. 

The water itself is peaceful and calm and gives many divers a meditative journey. The dark and quiet ocean surrounding them can leave divers in an extremely relaxing state.


Different Aquatic Life & Bioluminescence

Yes, you will see some wonderful sea life during the daytime, but some are more active during the night-time, such as octopuses, eels, and various crustaceans. Not only that, but many night-time snorkellers may even experience the ocean glow with bioluminescent plankton. 

These plankton are tiny organisms that give off this glowing kind of state when against the pitch blackness of the water, giving a floating lantern vibe! 


Photography Opportunities 

Among the relaxing and exciting sides of snorkelling, another reason divers go snorkelling during the night is for some incredible photo opportunities, from capturing the glowing fish and bioluminescence to sealife you would be amazed to capture and see with your own eyes. 

Photography is very popular for snorkelers who like to go out at night, but how can you experience these amazing things safely? Here are some tips for doing this: 

  • Buying Diving Equipment – you won’t be able to dive at night without the right equipment, and you will need the same equipment regardless of the time of day; you will need: 
  1. Snorkel,
  2. Diving mask
  3. Goggles, 
  4. Swim Fins
  • Getting a Wet Suit – Snorkelling during the night means that you will experience lower temperatures than during the day, so it’s important to buy yourself a proper wet suit to protect your body from the cold. Neoprene wetsuits are designed to keep your body temperature regulated while diving in chillier water. 
  • Diving Light – The water will be pitch black, meaning you won’t be able to see where you are going as you would during the day, so you will need to invest in a proper diving light that you can attach to your suit, so you can explore freely and see where you are going. 
  • Have a Buddy – You can go alone, but if something goes wrong in the dark, it’s way more dangerous than going during the day, so having a trusted buddy with you that can help and also just keep you company as you explore is a great way to enjoy your night-time dive safely. 
  • Plan Your Dive Beforehand – Before jumping into the pitch-black water, pre-plan everything, where you want to dive, which day would be best, and check the weather forecast before you leave so you don’t get caught in any surprising weather changes. 


Night Snorkelling is a great adventure and is a must to try. If you are an experienced snorkeler, with so many new and different things to see under the water, you will not be disappointed, but just remember to stay safe and do your research before trying this dive out!