Why do divers shower after they dive?

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Why do divers shower after they dive?

Wondering why divers shower once they’re done? Let’s look at the reasons why they do, and also why you may also want to do it (they’re not just doing it for no reason, that’s for sure!).

The main reason that a diver would shower once they’ve done diving is because it is good for their health and can ensure that the warm water helps them to avoid muscle issues (and any water-borne diseases that could spread on their suits).

Why is it good for their health? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why one would shower after diving:

1.) To wash away any chemicals or toxins that might be left on the skin from the dive, such as heavy metals and chlorine.

2.) For general hygiene and to prevent water-borne diseases and illnesses, such as bacterial and fungal infections, lice and other parasites.

3.) It reduces bacteria in your wetsuit which can cause “wetsuit stink” over time if not washed regularly after each dive. This also goes for other gear such as boots, gloves, etc.


Should you be showering after swimming or diving? Is it necessary?

When you go into the water, whether it be a pool or an ocean, there are certain elements that you bring back with you.

For instance, when people swim in a chlorinated pool they come out smelling like chlorine because the chemical gets stuck in their hair and on their skin.

When divers go down underwater, especially if they go down for a while, they take in a lot of salt through their skin which also stays there even after rinsing off with fresh water. If divers don’t shower after diving then this salt remains on their body and may cause itchiness and other skin irritations.

If for some reason, such as time constraints, you can’t shower off right after swimming or diving then make sure to thoroughly rinse off before going to bed and again in the morning after waking up (just like divers do).

It’s also important to note that if you get water in your ears while swimming and don’t properly dry them afterwards by using a towel, let them dry naturally, or use earplugs then this may cause an infection due to bacteria entering through the opening where water entered.

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to showering post-dive!