How to go scuba diving in GTA 5 online

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How to go scuba diving in GTA 5 online

Grand Theft Auto 5 online is easily one of the best, ever-expanding open worlds ever created. From mods and simple quirky upgrades to complete new worlds, the possibilities are almost endless. And now you can engage in your favorite hobby of scuba diving as part of this online world.

Before doing anything you’re going to need to purchase scuba gear so that you can dive without dropping dead!


How To Get Scuba Diving Gear In Gta Online

  • Purchase a Submersible from Dock Tease for $650,000.
  • Wait until the text says “Outfitting”.
  • Have one person drive the submersible from Vespucci Dock where it is stored at a yellow marker while everyone else in the session is in the submersible.


Once the submersible has been purchased it is now time to go scuba diving!

Here’s how you get underwater properly with your brand new diving equipment!

  • Before jumping into the water make sure you are in your submersible, then press “Up” on your d-pad.
  • Then jump out of the submersible and into the water.
  • You will be able to breathe as if you were on land even though you’re underwater!

How to find the best scuba diving locations in GTA5 Online

You can find scuba diving locations in GTA 5 by using either your minimap or by checking your map on the pause menu. There are three areas of interest for scuba divers, two shipwrecks and a sunken submarine.

The first shipwreck is found between Sandy Shores and Paleto Bay. You’ll want to go down around 200-300 feet until you see an oblong blue marker on your minimap. It tends to be guarded by quite a few other ships, but if you stick close (but not too close) then they shouldn’t attack you unless provoked.

The second shipwreck is located south of Paleto Bay, directly west of Mount Chiliad. Again, dive down about 200-300 feet until you see another oblong blue marker on your minimap. This one’s much more secluded, so you’ll likely have a lot more breathing room as far as enemies go.

The third and final shipwreck is located directly south of Paleto Bay. Only skilled scuba divers should attempt to reach this one, as it’s located around 300-400 feet below sea level. The marker on your minimap will be a tiny little triangle rather than a big oblong one, so keep that in mind when searching. Despite being deep enough to kill inexperienced (or unlucky) scuba divers, the reward – an abandoned submarine pen filled with goodies – is totally worth it!


Are there sharks in the water?

There are sharks in the water, yes. How do you avoid them? Well, that’s another story entirely. Sharks will attack your character if they’re swimming around free diving (not wearing scuba gear) anywhere near the general vicinity of the shark. You don’t necessarily have to be “in” the water either because even being close enough can prompt a shark attack.

One thing to note is that only players are targeted by sharks – NPCs are completely safe from being attacked unless they somehow enter your game or tag along with you for whatever reason. However, it should go without saying that attacking a shark prompts it to retaliate, so tread carefully when exploring shipwrecks full of fish and coral reefs.

Happy diving!