Can you Scuba Dive with a Beard?

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Can you Scuba Dive with a Beard?

Yes, you can scuba dive with a mustache and beard. Having a beard DOES NOT exclude you from the diving world, but there is a reason that a lot of divers choose to go without facial hair when diving.

The main issue that divers face when scuba diving with facial hair is the seal of your dive mask to your face. If you have a beard you run the risk of having issues sealing the bottom of your dive mask to your face, which runs the risk of allowing water leaks into your mask.

Why do dive masks have trouble sealing to a face with a beard?

To break this down in its simplest terms, the seal around a dive mask is normally made with silicone. Silicone seals much better to a flat surface, and the inconsistencies in smoothness that the hair of a beard creates makes it difficult for the silicone liner of a dive mask to seal to your face.

What happens if you scuba dive with a beard?

The short answer to this question is maybe nothing. Depending on your mask and your facial hair, you may get a good seal with your factory mask, meaning your mask won’t leak when you are at depth.

If you do run into an issue scuba diving with a beard, it is going to be water leaks. When your mask doesn’t create a good seal with your face, water is going to come in through the bottom of your mask and slowly fill your entire view. This isn’t the end of the world as when you learn to dive you will learn how to clear your mask, but it can definitely be annoying and a major inconvenience that can have an effect on the quality of your dives.

How to avoid problems when diving with a beard?

Here are a few things that you can do to avoid getting leaks when diving with a beard:

  • Shave a small part of the top of your mustache
  • Use a silicone grease on your mask skirt to create a greater seal
  • Shave your beard before a diving trip
  • Clear your mask more often

Shave the top part of your mustache

This technique can help your mask seal to your face, and eliminate the entire problem of getting leaks when diving with a beard. You will want to have your mask on hand while going through this process to be able to test that your mask seals to your face after taking a little hair off of your lip. We suggest that you start small, taking tiny amounts off of the top of your mustache and testing by putting your mask on. If you take this route, you should be able to get a good seal without ruining your entire beard.

Use silicone grease on your mask skirt

Using silicone grease on your mask skirt can fill in the gaps where your mustache hair lives to create a greater seal with your face. This is not a perfect solution, and you cannot bank on the fact that just using silicone grease on your mask will eliminate the problem altogether, but there are definitely people out there who have found success with this method.

You also have the option of using something like Burts Bees or some other chapstick product to have the same effect. So if you’re in a pinch and don’t have a specific mask seal product with you, this is another option that you are able to try to eliminate leaks.

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Shave your mustache and beard

When in doubt, you always have the option of shaving your beard and mustache to make sure that you get a good seal when diving. This is obviously not the most preferred solution to this problem, but it could definitely be worth it if you are planning a diving vacation and want to avoid the hassle of trying to fix mask leaks every single dive.

Clear your mask more often

If you are unwilling, or unable to shave your mustache or beard. You can always just deal with the leaks, tighten your mask down and deal with the consequences. If you tighten your mask a bit more and are conscious of the need to clear your mask more often, you can still probably have enjoyable dives, even with a mustache and beard.