The 10 Best Wetsuit Hoods For Scuba Diving 

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The 10 Best Wetsuit Hoods For Scuba Diving 

Why do you need to wear a wetsuit hood when scuba diving?

A hood works in the same way as the rest of a body wetsuit, in that it provides an added layer of protection when diving in the water. More specifically, they help to protect from:

  • Issues with water in your ears and, more broadly, equalization
  • The retention of heat which in-turn has knock-on effects to the rest of your body
  •  Insulation of heat when you actually exit the water (regular scuba divers will be no stranger to how cold the wind can be once you’ve exited)


Do I actually need to get a wetsuit hood?

Based on both heat retention and added safety, I would strongly advise getting a wetsuit hood, especially if you’re a beginner diver. As you get to more challenging depths, you’ll definitely need one, so it’s better to buy one sooner rather than later and get used to a hood as part of your overall wetsuit.

Okay, so where do you start? Take a look at this guide for ten of the best wetsuit hoods, and also a breakdown of what beginners need to know when it comes to price, materials and maintaining your hood so it’ll last as long as possible. Let’s get into it.


1. Diving Hood – Neoprene Wetsuit Dive Hood

The last thing you want is a cold head whilst trying to dive around the ocean. Well, no longer! With the Neoprene Wetsuit Dive Hood made from premium neoprene to give you maximum flexibility and comfort, it will protect you from harmful UV rays and aquatic stings. Thermal insulation guarantees to keep your head nice and warm whilst you dive around. 

This Wetsuit Dive Hood is designed for either male or female wear. With two lengths available, the hood has an integrated air vent to allow bubbles to escape through the top of the hood without letting water exchange, giving you a great scuba diving experience.

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2. Dizokizo Wetsuit Hood 3mm 

You want to feel nice and snug while scuba diving and not worry about your head getting too cold. With its multifunctional design, the Thermal Neoprene Diving Hood has a vent that helps the bubbles escape out of the top of your hood and a single-side sponge in the inner face to help keep water out of the hood. Your head will be kept as dry and as warm as possible. 

Made from eco-friendly neoprene and imported nylon, this diving hood is glued and blind stitched together to help stop any irritation on the skin as you dive and also has sun protection while you swim.

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3. DiNeop Wetsuit Scuba Hood 

So you want to start scuba diving, but your not sure what hood to get? This DiNeop Wetsuit Scuba Hood would be a great addition. Made from premium neoprene, which is glued and blind stitched, making the suit 100% flexible. With its easy slip-on slip-off design, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck and having to wear your diving hood forever because you can’t get it off! 

The thermal scuba hood doesn’t just keep your little head warm; it also has integrated UV protection, and to make it even better, this hood helps protect you from those pesky sea lice, coral, jellies and many other sea creatures. The inner face seal is customisable to your face to help keep water and those little creatures away from your head. 

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4. DiNeop Neoprene Scuba Diving Hood 3MM – Wetsuit Diving Cap 

Finding the correct diving gear can be difficult, but this DiNeop Neoprene Scuba Diving Hood should be on your Amazon Wishlist. This hood promotes warmth and protection combined with Neoprene material that is delicately glued and blind stitched together. Along with the fantastic material, this diving hood also has an inner face seal which can help keep water out for longer periods of diving. 

The DiNeop Scuba Diving Hood is designed to be easy to remove and put back on. With its 100% durable fabric, this hood has been created for longevity with many sizes available; this quick-drying, UV protecting quality diving hood is perfect for everyone!

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5. Neoprene Wetsuit Hood Scuba Diving Hood 3MM 5MM 

Being a scuba diver means you need the best quality diving equipment on your body. This Skyone Diving Hood is flexible and has a comfortable, formable fit offering you a better diving experience. Made with professional-grade thermal materials to keep you warm and designed to protect you from UV rays and the thick fabric means you are kept safe from sea life like sea lice, jellies, and coral. 

Designed for diving, this hood is created with a smooth flat seam so you have less drag in the water, giving you the best scuba experience you could ask for. Available in many different sizes for both men and women, you can get into the water protected in no time!

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6. Warm Neoprene Scuba Diving Hood With Sun UV Protection 

When scuba diving, the main area of concern is your body temperature dissipating too fast, causing damage to you and your body, that’s why having the correct diving gear is so important. This Warm Neoprene Scuba Diving Hood will help you achieve this. An integrated air vent allows bubbles to flow out the top of your hood minimising water exchange whilst you dive. 

The Neoprene Diving Hood comes with a 3D stereo design to promote protection to all parts of your head. The thick material also helps protect your head from being cut on reefs, and plants etc., and from biological damage such as jellyfish and other sea creatures. This Diving Hood protects you from UV rays and gives you a fantastic sunscreen effect.

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7. ZCCO Scuba Diving Hood 3mm/5mm 

Dive to your heart’s content with this ZCCO Scuba Diving Hood over your head. Created with 3mm of high-grade neoprene material, this hood helps provide you with flexible and comfortable wear. Along with the high-grade material, the glued and blind stitched technique means this hood has unbelievable strength and durability, giving you peace of mind that your hood won’t rip or tear. 

Diving Hoods are not 100% waterproof but are designed with face forming seals to keep your body temperature at the same level for long periods. This is so you can enjoy scuba diving without losing your temperature too fast or taking in too much water.

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8. XS Scuba – Neoprene – Hoods – Beanie – 2mm – Scuba and Snorkel Diving 

If you are not a fan of the over the head diving hoods, this hood is for you! It fits just like a tight beanie hat; this hood is designed to sit your head and is secured with a tight chin strap to keep it in place to help with less drag in the water as you dive. 

Made from 2mm neoprene material, this hood has strength and durability, meaning you can use it over and over without worrying about it tearing or splitting. The thick material helps protect your head from the water temperature and other sea life like reefs, plants, sea lice, jellies, coral, and many more—a great alternative to the traditional diving hoods while allowing you to still enjoy your dive.

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9. Aeroskin Nylon Spandex Patterned Hood – Tie Dye 

Scuba diving, but make it colourful! With this Patterned AeroSkin Diving Hood, you won’t just make all of your diving buddies jealous, but you will attract all of the underwater sea life to your fabulous presence as well. Add a little Tie-Dye to your next scuba dive!

Made with spandex and nylon, this hood has a comfortable buoyancy and protects you from UV rays, and has sunscreen qualities. Not only will this hood protect you from abrasions in the ocean, but it also has protection from ultra-violet and thermal changes.

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10. Oumers Neoprene Scuba Diving Hood 3MM

Scuba diving can be exhilarating, exciting and mind-blowing. Still, you don’t want your head to explode from the elements of the ocean’s freezing temperatures so getting yourself a diving hood is the best solution. The Oumers Neoprene Scuba Diving Hood is an excellent addition because it is made from top-quality SCR neoprene and imported nylon. It gives you flexibility in your head movements, lessening the drag in the water as you swim. 

This Diving Hood has the perfect protection from the different underwater challenges. With the thick 3mm material, you are protected from thermal changes in the water and your body, UV rays from the sun, and various sea creatures such as jellies, coral, and sea lice.

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Beginners guide to buying a diving cap or hood


It is essential to maintain your scuba diving hoods and keep them dry when you’re not using them. Diving hoods are an investment for most divers, so maintaining them is vital for making your hoods last. 

Storing your diving hood correctly is vital to its longevity. Store them in a well-ventilated and dry place, with preferably a lid so you can keep debris and mold from getting onto them. Keep them away from any harmful chemicals, which can damage your hood.



If you have been diving in the sea, you will have sea salt and other debris trapped in the seals and crevices that need to be cleaned out; otherwise, your hood could go moldy or get damaged long-term. 

Its recommended to wash out your hood after every use, with fresh, clean water inside and out to ensure you get out all of the salt and debris. Sometimes you may need something a little stronger to get off the salt and other kinds of sea debris, so there are many dry shampoos designed explicitly for tougher stains.


Price Ranges 

When it comes to diving, hoods can vary between $10 to $30, which is pretty standard for a decent hood, and this range varies because of what they have included and the quality of the materials. 

The more you pay, the longer it will last if stored and cleaned correctly. You are paying for longevity, so it may be initially expensive, but it is an investment in your scuba diving lifestyle.


Difficulty Levels 

Diving hoods are easy to work out and are great for beginners to professionals. With many different styles from over the head to chin straps, there are diving hoods for everyone, and if you are unsure how they work or how to look after them, a lot of them come with easy to follow instructions making these hoods accessible to everyone.



Diving hoods are perfect for keeping you warm as you adventure the depths of the sea. Although not fully waterproof, many diving hoods are designed with top quality neoprene materials to keep heat in seawater out. 

Many diving hoods are ideal for protecting you from many elements, such as UV rays and various sea life like reefs, plants, and sea creatures. 

Scuba diving is a fun sport, but it is important to stay safe in the water, and the correct equipment and diving hoods help you have a fantastic experience.

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