Top 10 Best Places to Scuba Dive in Georgia

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Top 10 Best Places to Scuba Dive in Georgia

So you’re looking for a place to dive in Georgia? Where do you start?

You can’t just go to any old place and hope for the best. There are so many factors that need to be considered before choosing a spot, such as visibility, currents, depth of water, type of fish. The list goes on! But don’t worry – I’ve got your back with my guide where I break it all down for you step by step.

Read on to find out more about what makes one location better than another when it comes time to pick up your gear and jump in! Also check out the USA diving guide for places to go in other states!


1. Lake Blue Ridge

Address: Blue Ridge, GA, 30513

This freshwater dive site has a maximum depth of 101-110ft and is shore accessible. Bass, bream, and catfish have all been spotted here. This site is also full of amenities including a picnic area and a place to purchase boat supplies as well as a place to store your boat if you need to.  


2. Adventure Dive Centre

Address: 1104 N Westover Blvd #3, Albany, GA, 31707

This diving schools offers a wide variety of courses so suit everyone’s needs. Aside from the standard beginner, intermediate and advanced scuba diving courses, this place also offers night diver courses, search and recovery courses and navigation courses. This school also has airfill facilities. 


3. Diver Den Georgia

Address: 1050 Kings Bay Rd, St Marys, GA, 31558

This diving school offers an array of training that will suit all skill levels. There is beginner training, continuing training for people who already know the basics and leader training for people who want to take professional diving to the next level. You can also rent and buy equipment onsite. 


4. Fling Riverquarium 

Address: 117 Pine Ave, Albany, GA, 31701

This freshwater dive site is shore accessible and shallow enough for beginner divers as its maximum depth is only 16-20ft. Not only is there lots of sea life to explore under the water, but there is also lost of creatures to explore above the water for example birds. 


5. HH Reef

Address: St Marys, GA

This saltwater boat-accessible dive site has a maximum depth of 81-90ft making it the perfect place to explore if you are an intermediate to professional scuba diver. There is also lots of sea life living in the sandy waters at this site. 


6. Harris Branch Beach and Campground

Address: Ellijay, GA, 30540

This freshwater shore-accessible dive site has a maximum depth of 61-70ft. The deeper you get the clearer the water becomes. Mussels are frequently spotted here. This site has a rocky composition so be careful. 


7. Table Top Reef

Address: St Marys, GA

This saltwater boat-accessible dive site has a maximum depth of 81-90ft so can be quite a challenging dive. This site is home to lots of sea life. The reason why it is called table top is because you can circle the entire reef. This means that there is lots to explore.


8. Lake Lanier 

Address: GA

With a maximum depth of 121-130ft, this freshwater shore-accessible dive site a great place to go for the more adventurous divers. But be careful here because the water has been known previously to be colder than other places so make sure you are prepared for that. 


9. McIntyre Spring 

Address: Brooks County, GA, 31629

This freshwater shore-accessible dive site may be a challenge for even the most advanced divers with a maximum depth of over 150ft. You can only access this site by boat because it is on private land. Unfortunately, there isn’t much chance of seeing any sea life in this spot. 


10. Carters Lake

Address: 1850 Carters Dam Rd, Chatsworth, GA, 30705

If you are an advanced diver this freshwater shore accessible site will suit your needs just fine as it has a maximum depth of over 150ft. Visibility can be a bit of a struggle and this site is known to have a lot of rocks.