The 10 Best Places to Scuba Dive in Florida

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The 10 Best Places to Scuba Dive in Florida

Looking for somewhere to scuba dive in Florida?

If you’re looking to go scuba diving in Florida then look no further! Here are some of the top spots for scuba diving in this incredible state.

I’ll show you how to get there, what equipment you need, and even which creatures you might see on your adventure. You won’t know where to start with all of the choices in this guide. Psst… make sure you’ve got the right equipment and certificates before you go!


1. Blue Grotto Dive Resort

Address: 3852 NE 172 Ct, Williston, FL, 32696

This freshwater dive site is home to a diving school and is perfect for divers of all skill levels. This site has several different diving chambers with varying depths so you can choose the perfect one for you.

There are also fill stations, food and drink and places you can get replacement equipment all onsite. 


2. Accokeek

Address: Panama City Beach, FL, 32408

This freshwater boat-accessible dive site is home to a sunken 143ft Navy tug boat. The boat wreckage is 110ft below the water but there is a wheelhouse at 65ft. This means that there is something to see even if you’re not the most advanced diver. There is lots of sea life at this site. 


3. All Alone

Address: Key West, FL

This saltwater boat-accessible dive site has a maximum depth of 81-90ft making it unsuitable for beginners. This site is home to a 75ft tug boat that lies 90ft below the water. The water at this site is very clear making sea life spotting very easy and rest assured there is lots of sea life ready to be spotted. 


4. 100’ Caves

Address: West Palm Beach, FL

This saltwater dive site is home to lots of different sea life including pork fish, snapper fish and lots of varieties of tropical fish. This site also has a 10-12ft ledge from 102ft upwards. It has a lot of holes which brings in lots of light making it easier to spot the sea life. 


5. Aquarius Underwater Ocean Laboratory

Address: Islamorda, FL

You do need permission to dive at this site and cannot dive here when research projects are taking place. However, this site really is nothing like any other dive site.

The lab is currently 60ft below the water but can withstand depths of 120ft. Inside the lab there are beds, bathroom facilities, air con, computers and even a microwave. 


6. Alligator Reef

Address: Key Largo, FL

If you are looking for a dive site with plenty of sea life to explore then this one is perfect for you. It was discovered in the 1960’s that this saltwater dive site was home to over 500 species of marine life.

This site is also home to the wreckage of an 86ft ship that sank in 1825. 


7. Eglin Barge

Address: Destin, FL, 32541

This saltwater boat-accessible dive site is best explored with a small group of divers. There are plenty of sea life hidden within the site ready for you to explore. This site gets its name from a 100ft barge that sank here called Eglin Barge.


8. Amberjack Hole

Address: Jacksonville, FL

If you want a dive site with lots to explore then this freshwater dive site is for you. It is home to reefs, barges, and wreckage from a bridge amongst many other things. So, there is lots to explore. All this debris makes the perfect hiding places for sea life. 


9. Becton Spring

Address: Vernon, FL, 32462

Becton Spring is a freshwater dive site that is boat-accessible. It has a maximum depth of 21-25ft making it the perfect place to train or get used to the water. The spring is home to lots of plants but not much sea life. 


10. 6th Street Beach

Address: SE 6th St, Pompano Beach, FL

6th Street Beach is a saltwater shore-accessible dive site that is home to an array of sea life. The seabed is made up of coral which makes a change to the usual sand or mud. This site does have a very strong current so may not be the best dive site for beginners.