The 10 Best Places to Scuba Dive in Delaware

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The 10 Best Places to Scuba Dive in Delaware

Looking for a place to scuba dive in Delaware? 

Have I got the guide for you! Whether you’re new to the state and are just visiting or if you live in Bethany Beach, Wilmington, Dove or any of the great cities this state has to offer, you’re bound to find some of these places interesting.

I’ve also tried my best to find hidden gems along the way, speaking to local pros about their favourite spots (so you don’t have to bother them if you don’t want to!).


1. Subway Cars

This saltwater boat-accessible dive site was formed when New York subway cars slid off a barge in 2001. But since then, further subway cars have been submerged here purposely for divers to explore and sea life to call home. Currently sea bass and lobsters explore the wrecks. This site has a maximum depth of 130ft so can be a difficult dive. 


2. China Wreck 

If you want a site with an interesting historical past this saltwater boat accessible dive site is the one for you. It has a maximum depth of 41-50ft. This site is home to a cargo ship that carried chinaware and is believed to have sunk in the mid to late 1800’s. Occasionally pieces of chinaware are still discovered here but only by professional divers. 


3. Elizabeth Palmer

This saltwater boat-accessible dive site is home to a wreck that was once one of the largest American sailing vessels of the early 1900’s. It sank in 1915 and provides good hiding places for sea life. This site has a maximum depth of 81-90ft making it more suitable for advanced divers. 


4. Moonstone

This saltwater boat-accessible dive site is home to a WWII petrol craft that had a collision in 1943. This site has a maximum depth of 131-140ft making it unsuitable for beginners. The wreck creates plenty of hiding spots for sea life to swim around in. 


5. Jakes Wreck

This saltwater boat-accessible dive site has a maximum depth of 61-70ft, making it the perfect location for intermediate-level divers. There is lots of sea life at this site including lobsters. This site is also home to a wooden wreck below the water as well as an anchor. 


6. USS Jacob Jones

This freshwater boat-accessible dive site has a maximum depth of 111-120ft, this means that it is far too deep for beginner divers. This wreck is scattered all along the seabed with the engines and boilers still visible amongst the wreckage. Personal possessions are still being discovered at this dive site. 


7. Fenwick Shoals 

If you want a shallower spot to dive this saltwater boat accessible site is perfect as it only has a maximum depth of 31-35ft. Like many others on this list, this site houses some form of wreck. The wreck is covered by myriad starfish. Stingrays, bass and puffer fish are just some of the sea life that have been spotted at this site. 


8. Independence Day Wreck

This sandy saltwater dive site is boat accessible and has a maximum depth of 101-110ft, so like many of the sites on this list it is only suitable for the more experienced diver. The wreck is a 19th century wooden sailing ship that is the perfect home for sea life. The debris is spread over a relatively large area. 


9. Deliah 

This saltwater dive site has a maximum depth of 91-100ft and is boat accessible. A commercial tugboat sunk here in 1999 and is still intact which makes it a great place to explore. It also makes a great home for sea life. 


10. Indian River Inlet

This sandy saltwater shore-accessible dive site is perfect for beginners who are still getting used to diving as it has a maximum depth of 21-25ft. This site is home to plenty of different sea life which are spotted regularly by divers. 


When it comes to diving in Delaware, there’s clearly options out there! Whilst these are 10 of the best, there’s always more to discover. Be sure to check in with your local diving school or plan the trip to stop-off at a school in this great state if you want to hear directly from a local pro on some potentially hidden spots!