The 10 Best Places to Scuba Dive in Connecticut

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The 10 Best Places to Scuba Dive in Connecticut

Wondering what the best scuba diving spots are in Connecticut?

So, you’ve decided to become a scuba diver and are wondering what the best spots in Connecticut are? Well, don’t worry! I’m here to help. I have compiled this list of the top 10 dive sites in Connecticut for you!


1. Stonington Point 

Address: Water street, Stonington, CT, 06378

This saltwater shore-accessible dive site is the perfect place to go if you want a bit of extra safety as there is a lifeguard onsite. It has a maximum depth of 36-40ft and is known to house jellyfish in the summer months. There are picnic tables and a toilet onsite as well as restaurants nearby. 


2. West Hill Pond

Address: New Hartford, CT

This freshwater shore-accessible dive site has a maximum depth of 61-70ft. It’s the perfect place for training as there is training platforms onsite. There is plenty of sea life here as well as interesting rock formations to explore. In the summer the water is warm but does get cold as the months go on. There is also a place serving great food nearby. 


3. Brownstone Quarry

Address: 161 Brownstone Avenue, Portland, CT, 06480

If you’re looking for a site with training platforms available, then this site is perfect. Brownstone Quarry is a freshwater shore accessible dive site with a maximum depth of 85ft. Bluegills, bass and carp are amongst the sea life commonly spotted here. This site is also home to a navigation course great if you need to brush up on your compass skills. 


4. The Ski and Scuba Connection

Address: 26 St Roch Avenue, Greenwich, CT, 06830

If you’re looking to learn how to scuba dive or you want to advance your skills, then this place Is for you. They offer scuba diving classes in a variety of locations, and you can work towards various scuba diving qualifications here with the most advanced being assistant instructor. This place also offers private classes for those who want a 1-1 experience. 


5. Capt Saam’s Scuba School

Address: 990 Hope Street, Stamford, CT, 06907

This diving school offers an array of different scuba diving lesson to suit individual needs. These include private lessons, refresher courses, first aid courses and online courses. Many of which have different levels of qualification depending on your skills level. 


6. Winchester Lake

Address: Winchester, CT

This freshwater shore-accessible dive site is known for being creepy thanks to its low viability, dark water, and the array of sunken trees at the lake bottom. With a maximum depth of 71-80ft and taking into consideration the dark conditions this place is not for beginners. 


7. Waterford Boat Launch 

Address: Waterford, CT, 06385

This sandy saltwater dive site is boat accessible and has a maximum depth of 16-20ft making it shallow enough for beginners to enjoy. This place is known to be great at night, but there is a lot of boat traffic, so it is important to keep vigilant. There are also places to park nearby. 


8. Fisher’s Island

Address: Mystic, CT

This saltwater dive site is boat accessible and has a maximum depth of 41-50ft. Despite being relatively shallow, this place does have a strong current so be careful. This site is home to various small wrecks ready for you to explore. 


9. Killingly Pond

Address: Pond Rd, Killingly, CT

This freshwater shore-accessible dive site has a maximum depth of 11-15ft, so it is shallow enough for beginners to feel safe and enjoy themselves. This site has lots of rock formations to discover and the water is very clean creating good visibility.


10. Millers Pond

Address: Durham, CT, 06422

This freshwater shore-accessible dive site is very shallow with a maximum depth of 11-15ft. There isn’t much sea life here, so its main purpose is to just get you used to the water. A positive to this site is that there is parking nearby. 


So, I hope that this article has given you some inspiration to venture out and explore the best scuba diving spots in Connecticut. If you’re still not convinced about what a great place it is for underwater exploration, then check out my USA scuba diving section for scuba diving laws or take a look at some of the other best places around the country. The possibilities are endless!