The Best Places to Scuba Dive in Alaska

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The Best Places to Scuba Dive in Alaska

Are there plenty of good places to go diving in Alaska?

The answer is absolutely! There is something for every level of diver, from the novice to the most experienced professional.Even for someone who is just getting into diving or is looking for a place that will be easy on their wallet, Alaska is one of the best places to choose.

Of course there is usually an exception to any rule, and in this case it’s Kodiak Island with its famous Ice Divers… certainly not for novices!

However, those seeking calm waters would do well diving in Sitka or Juneau where you can get your feet wet with scuba lessons at a very reasonable rate of around $100 – $150 dollars per person which is much less than many other places around the world.

If you’re willing to make the trip out, you’re not going to be disappointed. Below is a list of what I consider to be the best spots for scuba and even free diving in Alaska.


Top 5 scuba diving spots in Alaska

1. Matanuska Lake

Address: Matanuska Lake, Palmer, AK

This pretty lake site is perfect for a quick dive and is home to an array of sea life ready for you to explore. This location is very clean but isn’t open in the winter so, make the most of it in the warmer months. Getting to the lake is easy as it is only a short walk. 


2. Ann Coleman

Address:  Ann Coleman Road, Juneau, AK 99801

This sandy saltwater shore accessible dive site is more suited for divers with an intermediate skill level. As its maximum depth is 71-80ft and might not be very challenging to the more advanced divers. Depending on the day’s visibility, you could see some shrimp and crabs. 


3. Fox Island

Address:  Fox Island, Resurrection Bay, Seward, AK

This saltwater site is shore accessible and is more suited for the more experienced divers with a maximum depth of 101-110ft. This site features and old barge which makes dives here unique and gives the sea life lots of places to hide. An annual rock skipping contest is also held at this site. 


4. The Homer Spit

Address:  Kachemak Bay, Homer, AK

Need a place to go in the summer? This freshwater dive site is the answer, with a good chance of seeing Dungeness crabs this site is very interesting. However, it does have a fast current so it can be dangerous and not the best place for beginners to dive.


5. Smitty’s Cove

Address:  Smitty’s Cove, Whittier, AK

This saltwater site is shore accessible and offers a good chance of seeing some crabs and starfish. This sandy site has a maximum depth of 91-100ft and could potentially be a good place for advanced divers to train as Winter approaches. 



Before you head off, make sure you take a look at Alaskan diving laws, just to ensure that you’re aware of everything you need to be if making a solo excursion. You’re gonna love it!