Best Night Dive Light

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Best Night Dive Light

Night diving opens up a whole different world of marine life to you. It’s calming, thrilling and introduces you to some of the most treasured aquatic fauna Earth has to offer, a lot of which sleeps through the day and only emerges in the nighttime- you never know what you’ll discover.

As fun as it sounds, you won’t be able to see anything below the surface without a reliable night dive light. It’s the single most essential equipment you need to get anything out of night diving. Many regular night divers describe the waters to be way more colorful and exciting in the night with the right scuba dive light.

The best night diving lights are:

  • Volador 1000 lumen
  • Light and Motion 1200 lumen
  • Genwiss 1000 lumen

What does a scuba dive light do?

Besides helping you navigate the waters, a night dive light also ensures your safety through the process. If you somehow lose your diving buddy midway, the strong beam of light guides them back to you. It’s also used to signal the boats above and ascend safely, especially in the night.

Though they’re not like the daily-use torch you might have at home, they’re much brighter and sturdier. Since water is denser than air, it takes more power for light to travel as far in it.

The best dive lights will be bright enough to make the smallest nook and crannies visible. They usually have a toggle to adjust the level of brightness to your preference.

Scuba flashlights are built to facilitate a wide range of visibility for you. So you can experience diving with night time underwater creatures and let your diving buddies know of your whereabouts with ease.

The ocean can be scarily dark in the night, we’re talking pitch black as soon as you go in for the dive. You’ll see every coral and fish have a deep green tinge as you descend, all color and liveliness gone. Let there be some much needed light.

Besides, the stunning underwater photographs you get to take with a night dive light make the investment well worth it.

How to choose the best night dive light?

There are a couple key features you should look for while shopping for a scuba flashlight, let’s double down on these before moving on to some great product options for you.


Lumens is a metric that determines how bright your torch will be. Dive lights with higher lumens (1000 or above) are well-suited for darker diving regions. Though most lights come with multiple brightness “modes” that you can adjust. It’s generally a best practice to go for higher lumens in dive lights if you’re a regular night diver.


Size decides how heavy your light is going to be. As a new diver, it’s best to carry a compact light with a solid gripping system. Most divers bring along a similar sized spare torch just in case the main one goes out during their night dive.


If you find someone saying their dive light ‘leaked’, it usually means the o-ring broke and corroded the light’s components. O-Rings are strong elastic loops that protect your dive light’s interior from succumbing to high water pressures. It’s a protective seal that makes sure your torch doesn’t flood with sand and salt. They can be replaceable or permanent depending on the light you get. It’s best to get one with double o-rings.

VOLADOR Night Dive Light

“After 16 dives with multiple dives to 110+ feet, this flashlight did not disappoint! No issues at all with water intrusion and battery life was superb. Compared to other similar lights used in our group, ours were the brightest by far.”

Volador’s light lasts up to 5000 hours and is bright enough to expose every fish and corals 80 meters beneath the surface with astonishing clarity. Looking at its careful construction, it’s clear that a lot of thought went into the light’s build. The 3-layered O-Rings make sure it doesn’t clog up when you descend 90, 120 or even 150 feet underwater and the well-built strap slips right onto your wrist for a firm grip.

Key Specs:

  • Lumens: 1000
  • Modes: 4 (High, Medium, Low, Strode)
  • Size: 5.7 inches/ 146 mm (Small)
  • Weight: 6.3 oz/ 180 g
  • Battery: USB Rechargeable & Indicator
  • O-rings: 3 Pre-installed and extras for replacement
  • Material: Aircraft-grade Aluminum Alloy

What we like about this Volador Dive Light:

  • Terrifically bright, its lumens will sear through the densest forest
  • Secured by 3 O-Rings and tough aluminum- prevents leaks in the most extreme diving conditions
  • Super convenient magnetic switches- change mode to high, medium, low or strobe. Once you go magnetic, you won’t go back.
  • It’s compact and clings to your forearm with a hook- both convenient for travel and reliable

It’s gained a reputation for durability and comes with handy rechargeable batteries that easily last 4 hours of continuous use at its brightest mode. This dive light is a perfect combo of power and affordability.

Volador Dive Light

Rechargeable batteries, super convenient switches for changing beam while diving.

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Volador Dive Light
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Light and Motion Sola Night Dive Light

“I bought this light for night diving and it did not disappoint. With the light on flood mode it worked flawlessly with my GoPro. I left it on the low setting on flood most of the time and it was still bright. Battery life was fine for our hour dives.”

Once you get used to how Sola operates, it’ll take you years before switching to any other dive torch- that’s how convenient and versatile this thing is.

It’s flood-resistant, lasts for up to 5-6 hours at a time and is so bright across a wide range that your diving buddies may not even need to carry their lights. It frees your hands of any straps by clinging around them with ballistic grade Cordua fabric instead- which a lot of pro and working divers find convenient. Though it’s wickedly well-designed for all levels of divers.

It has a brilliant dual-beam system that you can switch between as the situation demands. The flood beam covering a 60 degree-range is great for curious divers who are all about observing those coral polyps or aquatic plants up close with their video cams- it gives you detail like it’s daylight in the ocean. Spot beam that concentrates all the light within a 12-degree range, that helps you better navigate the waters and spot a shark from meters away.

Key Specs:

  • Lumens: 1200
  • Modes: 7
  • Size: 4 inches/ 101.6 mm (Small)
  • Weight: 41 oz/ 2.6 lbs
  • Battery: USB Rechargeable & visual Indicator
  • Material: Glass Filled Nylon

What we like about the Light and Motion dive light:

  • Extremely durable, hands-free and compact build, great for travelers and regular divers
  • 2500 Lumen Flood and 1200 lumen Spot beams, FL-1 certified and caters to different needs
  • Great battery life- reliable for night divers who count on their torches for safety
  • Easy-to-access switch that lets you change modes in a twist
Light and Motion Sola

Hand mounted, great battery life and easy switch for changing beam pattern while diving.

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Light and Motion Sola
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Genwiss Night Dive Light

“Great underwater flashlight, especially for the price. Had it down below 100’ multiple dives and it never leaked. The light is extremely bright, so it is great for seeing back into those caves, nooks and crannies.”

This solidly designed dive light lets you see 230+ meters below the surface and comes with 5 adjustable modes for folks who dive in different conditions regularly- though the medium to low is bright enough to illuminate your nightly underwater adventures. Genwiss has many impressive features you won’t find in any other torch in its price range, including anti drop capability, scratch-free body and even a shock proof interior. It’s durable, extremely bright and secured with 3 tightly packed O-Rings.

Key Specs:

  • Lumens: 1000
  • Modes: 5 (High, Medium, Low, Strode, SOS)
  • Size: 6.1 inches/ 154.9 mm (Small)
  • Weight: 6.1 oz/ 175 g Battery Excluded
  • Battery: USB Rechargeable & Indicator
  • O-rings: 3 Pre-installed and extras for replacement
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy

What we like about the Genwiss Dive Light:

  • Scratch-free aluminum body and 3 O-Rings, swim deeper with no concern for leaks
  • Super bright and accessible for its price
  • Long battery life with no replacement hassle- recharge once to use it in several night dives
  • Strobe and SOS modes for added security
Genwiss Dive Light

Scratch free aluminum, super bright and low price.

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Genwiss Dive Light
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