Best Beginner Dive Computers

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Best Beginner Dive Computers

If there’s one piece of equipment you need for a stress-free experience as a rookie diver, it’s a dive computer. This handy device shows you live information about depth, nitrogen levels and time you have left on an easy-to-read screen- so you worry less and have more fun.

For most entry level divers, a computer that notifies you when things start getting unsteady underwater is huge relief. Are you ascending way too fast? What direction are you heading in and how much time do you have left? It’s just convenient to have all of that necessary information right in front of you.

Though most dive shops have computers that you can rent out, it’s better to not rely on the dive shop and instead own your own dive computer.

Regular Features in Dive Computers:

  • Time passed
  • Safety-stop countdown reminder
  • Depth
  • Historic diving information
  • Emergency decompression
  • Ascent rate warnings that help you avoid ascending at a dangerous rate
  • Thermometers
  • In-built electronic compass
  • Adjustments for altitude diving

Besides the standard features, advanced dive computers come with a substantial learning curve.

You don’t need a whole lot of fancy features when you’re just starting out and already have a lot to learn. Just a few crucial ones and a sturdy display can suffice too. The amount of complicated diving computers with heavy user manuals is absurd.

There are endless options and brands that claim their dive computer beats the rest. Browsing through dozens of pages and reviews will only leave you with a strong case of analysis paralysis. Our carefully compiled list of best beginner dive computers will help you choose a good piece that’s worth the price tag and stands the test of time.

The best dive computers for beginners are:

  • Mares Puck Pro
  • Oceanic Geo 4.0
  • Cressi Leonardo
  • Aqualung i300C
  • Suunto Zoop Novo

Mares Puck Pro Dive Computer

“Really pleased with the product, fantastic computer which does everything non-technical divers would need it to and is very simple to use.”

Mares is easily the go-to brand in diving equipment. Its easy interface, replaceable battery and giant clear screen drives a lot of beginner divers’ appeal. It’s packed with all the standard features, including stopwatch and a scannable 34-hour diving log. Roll it on and a large display shows you time elapsed, depth, remaining no deco time, and water temp.

Important Specs:

  • Gases: Air, Nitrox
  • Battery: User Replaceable, lasts ~20 dives
  • Alarms: Visual and Optional Auditory (Goes off at 12m/ minute ascension rate and when you miss a decompression stop)
  • Weight: 7 ounces/ 198 grams
  • Navigation: Single Button on the Bottom

What we like about Mares Puck Pro:

  • Easy set up and usability- perfect for beginners
  • Affordable, great bargain in terms of offered features
  • Adjust algorithms to suit your needs
  • Adjust altitude up to 12,100ft (3,700m)
  • Single-button navigation great for first time divers who aren’t used to gloves
  • Available in 7 different color combinations to go with your favorite wetsuit
  • Visual and auditory alerts when you miss the decompression stop, exceed the safe ppO2/MOD level and at 100% nitrogen saturation
Mares Puck Pro

Compact, feature rich and won't break the bank. The perfect beginner's dive computer.

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Mares Puck Pro
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Oceanic Geo 4.0

“I just love the simplicity and the available functions. You can select the algorithm you want to use. The display is large and the wrist strap is comfortable.”

Oceanic’s Geo dive computer line has consistently been a best-seller with new divers- and for good reason. Its features are designed to make your diving experience as convenient as possible, almost eliminating any manual effort on your part. The device comes with dual decompression algorithms that you can switch between using an app.

Important Specs:

  • Gases: Air, Nitrox (21 to 100%)
  • Battery: 300H, User Changeable
  • Alarm: Visual, Acoustic
  • Weight: 8.8 ounces/ 249.5 grams
  • Navigation: 4 Side Buttons (Select, Mode, Light, ADV)

Even if you’re a first-timer intimidated by dive computers, this one is built to prioritize accessibility. It’s a breeze to set up and navigate for beginners.

What we like about this dive computer:

  • Bluetooth connectivity via the DiverLog+ app for quick pre-dive planning
  • Auto-adjusts altitudes from 610 to 4200 M with no manual grunt work involved
  • Two nitrox mixes and up to three overall gas switches possible
  • Replaceable battery and compatibility with up to 300 hours lasting capacity
  • Sleekest design out there, comes in a light wrist watch size that’s a breeze to maintain
  • Lets you download, log and search dive information on mobile.
Oceanic Geo 4.0

Multi-button, user friendly interface is great for beginner divers.

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Oceanic Geo 4.0
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Cressi Leonardo

“Used in the last 4 dives. Easy to use, easy to read, easy to navigate settings. Everything I needed”

Cressi Leonardo is cut out for recreational divers who like their gear simple and don’t want to spend hours buried in an instruction manual just to set up a computer. It’s especially popular for its easy one-button navigation and clear, aqua LCD display.

Important Specs:

  • Gases: Air, Nitrox
  • Battery: User Changeable, Lasts Up to 50 Consecutive Dives
  • Operational Modes: Gauge, Air (Dive Air), Nitrox Dive Modes
  • Weight: 4.76 ounces (135 grams)
  • Navigation: Single Button

Besides the oversized yet durable strap, there’s little to complain about this piece in terms of usability. Many previous customers loved the fact that it seamlessly connects to their PC, allows logging 60 dives and is most likely one of the easiest-to-use dive computers out there. The uber attractive Italian design just adds to the dive computer’s market appeal.

What we like about the Cressi Leonaro dive computer:

  • Impressive price point for all that the device offers
  • Amazing visibility underwater, clear battery life indicator
  • One-button navigation accessible with gloved hands, great for laymen
  • Amply audible alarms that can be manually adjusted according to your preference
  • Comes with a calendar, date and time display
  • Lets you log wealth of diving data- Depth, time, decompression status, surface intervals, all the warnings during your dive, ascent and descent rate
Cressi Leonardo

Simple logging, impressive price point and amazingly easy to use underwater, even when you're wearing gloves!

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Cressi Leonardo
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Aqualung i300C

“Awesome and simple, used it for 4 dives already, hooks up to android very easily and posted the dives without problems. Great underwater and accurate!”

Aqualung rolled out its i300 series for recreational divers who prefer simplicity and more control over their computer’s settings. It lets you switch between multiple diving modes, 3 gases and manually set up alarms how you like them. Though you can also avoid the manual settings and switch to auto if that’s what you go for. The wrist-watch like dive computer has a bunch of cool features many other ones in the market don’t. For one, it shows you an intuitive graph with ascension and nitrogen saturation details on the left of the screen.

Important Specs:

  • Gases: Air, Nitrox (Underwater Switching Possible)
  • Battery: User Replaceable
  • Operational Dive Modes: Air, Nitrox, Freedive and Gauge
  • Alarms: Visual, Optional Auditory with a Safety Stop Timer
  • Weight: 12 ounces / 130 grams
  • Navigation: Dual Button

What we like about Aqualung i300C Dive Computer:

  • Adjusts the altitude automatically by accurately figuring out the height above sea level
  • Solid backlight and visibility despite a smaller screen
  • Bluetooth access to your diving data and settings in the DiverLog+ app
  • The battery is super easy to change
  • User-upgradable software that lets you access latest features without switching devices
Aqualung i300C

Easy to use, battery is changeable, wirelessly connects with your mobile device to store log information in the free DiverLog+ app.

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Aqualung i300C
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Suunto Zoop Novo Dive Computer

“Super easy to set up and read. All I had to do was set the time and date. It turns on as soon as you hit the water. I am very pleased with this purchase.”

Suunto has quite the great reputation with both recreational and pro drivers- each of its dive computers cater to a very specific audience. This one’s tailor made for beginners who want to keep it minimal. It even comes with a learning mode and is popular for its super straightforward interface. It lets you log and download detailed insights about up to 140 hours dives to inspect them later on.

Key Specs:

  • Gas: Air, Nitrox
  • Battery: Lasts 1.5 years at 100 dives per year, Not User Changeable
  • Operational Modes: 5 (Air, Nitrox, Gauge, Free and Off)
  • Weight: 4.23 ounces/ 120 grams
  • Navigation: 4 Buttons (Up, Down, Mode, Select)

What we like about the Suunto Zoop Novo Dive Computer:

  • Easy to set up and read with a low, beginner-friendly learning curve
  • Comes with a max altitude of 10,000 ft. and triggers the safety stop as soon as it hits 15 feet
  • Automatically adopts the suited decompression model and dive profile, adding a solid safety layer to your dives
  • By default, it logs dive data from the last 4 days, displays oxygen toxicity and residual nitrogen
  • The learning mode for novice divers sets this dive computer apart big time
Suunto Zoop Novo

Logs 4 days worth of dives, automatically adjusts to altitude changes..

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Suunto Zoop Novo
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